Darshan chose to leave us on mar 25th 2019. He was and always will be a king. He lived every moment to its fullest, like there was no tomorrow. Darshan used to read the encyclopedia cover to cover and could recall every piece of information. He could remember the value of pi to 100 decimal places. Darshan was a genius that could solve a rubik’s cube in under 30 seconds. He was a rockstar that cranked his electric guitar to play classic rock and record electronic music. 

No one or nothing could hold him down, and I am sure he is hurtling down the cosmos right now, beyond the speed of light, with ultimate freedom from physicality. Long live the king.


clear your mind

Look Inward

The only way out is in. Take your time to introspect and meditate about your purpose in life. Find why are you really here.

Accept Life

We are in this moment due to our actions & reactions. Everything is driven by our innate nature and tendencies.

Stop Suffering

Embrace the pain but do not get devoured by it. Create a distance between “you” and what happens “around you”.

Move Forward

Embrace new possibilities without forgetting the past. Propel yourself to fulfill your life’s purpose, one day at a time.

liminal space

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help others


Teach the Signs & Symptoms

We provide mental wellness training to youth, parents, teachers, and the broader community to recognize and understand the signs and symptoms of common illnesses.


Be Involved & Responsible

Make a difference to your loved ones and friends by being fully involved and taking responsibility to support them during times of need, wherever and whenever you can.


Promote Yoga & Meditation

Focus on breathing and yogic exercises that help with mental balance, blood circulation, alignment, nerve relaxation, stress relief, and energy flow.


Serve The Community

Join community movements that undertake grassroot actions to make giving and effecting change for those in need of help and support.


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Here for you

We are here to guide and help anyone in need

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We are a coalition of non-profit organizations

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King County; Eastside & Greater Seattle area

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