facade of reality

my heart continues to beat for the world

while my energy continues to stay locked

only for your eyes my dear

only for you and me to enjoy

for you know as well as i

mind ain’t free

you gotta earn it

by showing me your heart

i’m not asking you to give it to me

i just want a glimpse

just to know it’s there

and if it’s true

my mind will open for you and you alone

for my heart is a filter of energy

and it continues to gulp myself down

until my heart knows for certain that you have heart

all i need is a glimpse


take off your armor

for you gave me your key

and i kiss it back to you

for what you gave me

was in fact the key to your own heart

break down your walls

only for me if you have to

and lock it up once i leave your eyes

for i know loving is hard

this world we live in

has a deep hatred for heart

for it is superficial in its priorities

it believes in its soul that mind and money are gold

but we know

we know

that heart is platinum

for the fire of heart will always be stronger

for flexibility beats hardness any day.

punch water over and over and all you do

is create ripples of pure passion

for your punches only make us stronger

our love mightier

and our sweet loving

is for our eyes only.

this world believes that since i’m locked away

i must have money right?

or i must be a rat!

i still love them tho

for i know the truth

and they blind themselves with superficialities

they believe my facade

for they have no depth of heart

they doubt my words

for their hearts are too small to believe

they still believe that i gulp their energy

makes me snort my love in their faces


that’s all i have to say to them from now on

for i’m done preaching my philosophy

to them

now my dear

it’s time for us to relax

and bask in the glory of our hearts

building growth for ourselves to share

if we so wish down the line

we share with the commoners

this world doesn’t deserve our love

but i will continue to love

because my heart continues to beat

no matter their false judgements

we know the truth

that’s all the satisfaction we need

you have my energy all to yourself

and i know deep in my heart that that makes me happy

and i hope you too

as i breathe in their energy

all i hear is hate

and it is now my strength to filter their hate

into love

because i know i have the fortitude to stay strong

to my belief

that heart trumps mind or cash

any day

any day

i keep my facade up

to filter those pure of heart and those of hate

they still have the audacity to believe that

my energy is small

for their priorities are flipped

they put fun over purity

and i know where they’re headed

down down down

they wonder why they’re divorced

they wonder why they have no money at their age

they wonder why their life never gets better even though they stick their minds up

they still have the audacity to say that

it’s me who sucks mind

i do it for fun

they do it to live

my followers and i know

that love is pure

mind is extra

a facade of reality

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