Guiding Vision

marga-darshan event on Aug 10th 2019

Event organized by VT Seva, Seattle Chapter, in partnership with IAWW, Isha Foundation, NAMI, Crisis Connections, and The Sukhi Project. We had 145 people join the walk and raised over $7,000 USD at the event. These funds will be used for training students, teachers, and parents among high schools and middle schools in the greater Seattle area. Thanks everyone for joining this event and providing your support.

marga-darshan event on Jun 14th 2019

Event organized by VT Seva, Seattle Chapter, at the Microsoft Campus @ Redmond, WA, to spread awareness of mental health challenges in the community with guidance from educators, psychologists, & parents.

Help Your Family

  • Put “Family is Priority One” into action
  • Do not put academic pressure on your kids
  • Remove the “stigma of mental health”
  • Learn the signs of depression & stress
  • Understand each person has “unique needs”
  • Develop patience, give space & privacy
  • Learn & respect “feelings & thoughts”
  • Create channels for open communication
  • Don’t get “de-sensitized to issues”
  • Seek help from family, friends, & groups

Help Your Community

  • Support schools to prevent depression at the root
  • Take “Mental Health First Aid” training
  • Help drive awareness and remove stigma
  • Join a group of “first responders” social workers
  • Stand together against drugs & digital addiction
  • Make “culture & values” a central social theme
  • Donate time & money for the next generation
  • Create “safe & supportive” neighborhoods
  • Adopt animals and use pets as solace for kids
  • Encourage “volunteering & community service”