Guiding Vision

marga-darshan event on Jun 14th 2019

Event organized by VT Seva, Seattle Chapter, at the Microsoft Campus @ Redmond, WA, to spread awareness of mental health challenges in the community with guidance from educators, psychologists, & parents.

Help Your Family

  • Put “Family is Priority One” into action
  • Do not put academic pressure on your kids
  • Remove the “stigma of mental health”
  • Learn the signs of depression & stress
  • Understand each person has “unique needs”
  • Develop patience, give space & privacy
  • Learn & respect “feelings & thoughts”
  • Create channels for open communication
  • Don’t get “de-sensitized to issues”
  • Seek help from family, friends, & groups

Help Your Community

  • Support schools to prevent depression at the root
  • Take “Mental Health First Aid” training
  • Help drive awareness and remove stigma
  • Join a group of “first responders” social workers
  • Stand together against drugs & digital addiction
  • Make “culture & values” a central social theme
  • Donate time & money for the next generation
  • Create “safe & supportive” neighborhoods
  • Adopt animals and use pets as solace for kids
  • Encourage “volunteering & community service”